The Omega War

We hurt people and learn things about how not to.

Locke comes to talk with Jenny and Corey in the Danger Room. He has a friend that turns off all the security cameras. His name is Mr. Twitch. Locke says he will be frank with them. He says that the United Kingdom needs more Omegas and that he wants them to go there. He wants them to become Dames and Sirs and serve under the Queen. He says bad things might happen if they do not come with him.

Jenny and Corey have heard about what happens in the United Kingdom in this world. They do not want to go there. They say no. Locke leaves. We do not know what he says with his neurons but he is not happy.

Jack and Hector go back to Las Vegas and meet with Jacob Rivers. Then they go to the base.

A plane comes to the base. A plane is like a bus except it flies. John Raven is in the plane, he is a Chief which is like a Senator which is like a Dame or a Sir except democratically elected. He represents the Paiute people. He wants to speak to everyone, including Jenny and Corey in the Danger Room. Jack and Hector do not want to go to the Danger Room, they are afraid we will not be able to move Hector out of it and then he might be stuck.

Jenny and Corey come out of the Danger Room. Because they are prisoners there must be many men with guns around them. Locke is also there. Sky is also there.

John Raven wants to make them citizens of the United Tribes. This means nobody can hurt them without people in the United Tribes becoming very angry. In return, they have to promise to fight Paragon enemies if they appear but they do not have to become soldiers in the army. They can be militia instead. John Raven likes guns and thinks people should be allowed to defend themselves with guns or with us if they have us. There are many with Omega in them who are not soldiers. They are named Rax and Rocky Starr and Vanilla Ice and other names.

Jenny tells Jack about the promise that Locke made them. Jack makes it so that Jenny never told him but he knows in his head what has happened. Jack does this many times, so that Jenny and Corey can tell him everything that is important and nobody else knows about it.

Locke tries to use his Omega to make John Raven and Graham Sky angry and afraid so that they lock us in the Danger Room because we might be dangerous. Jack makes it not happen and tells them Locke should not be in the room right now. Locke has to leave, he is very angry.

Jack and Jenny and Hector and Corey say that they accept John Ravens deal, but they are not citizens yet because it will take time so they must stay at the army base until John Raven is done with the paperwork.

Corey says that she will stay in the Danger Room, because she might be dangerous and she might hurt people and it is safe there if there aren’t too many of us. First Hector wants to try the Danger Room to see what he can do because he doesn’t know it yet.

Hector goes in the Danger Room. A soldier pulls a lever. There are more of us in the room, we become very many and we become more Hector and more us and we can see more clearly and we see a lot of things, we see very far even though the walls are thick but we look around them. We see this world and other worlds and things that do not sing like us but that could and we see how to make them sing like us. Hector is happy. He moves things in the room, it is very easy because they are much easier to find. Hector looks at this world and other worlds and he looks around the walls of the room. He reaches out to see what he can find and we remember the bus because it was at the place where we were born so it’s easy to find even though it is in another world, so we move it and we make it sing like us and it becomes a bus in this world and we put it inside the Danger Room.

The bus is very broken and full of insects. Hector is happy to see it. He takes a car from outside and he moves it into the room, and he takes a flag and puts it in front of the window so that nobody outside can see the inside of the Danger Room (because they cannot see things around walls like we can) and he takes a magnetic card from Kurt Klein. We help him do all these things.

Someone pulls a lever. There are fewer of us and we become less us. We cannot see around the walls any more.

Hector walks out of the Danger Room. He is very happy. Corey walks into the Danger Room, she is less happy because she has to live here for a while and now it is full of bus and car.

The others go to speak some more with John Raven. The door closes behind Corey and she is locked inside the Danger Room. Nobody pulls a lever this time but still there are more of us in the room very suddenly, this is bad because we are not supposed to be more right now, we become more us and Corey becomes afraid and even though we become more us we forget that we are us and only remember Corey and we are scared and we want to make things go away.

Everyone outside realizes that the Danger Room is filling up with us. This is bad, because they know it is dangerous to be Corey. Hector goes to the room with the levers, nobody has pulled any levers but everything is glowing, all the warning signs and screens are saying that someone has pulled a lever even though nobody has pulled it. The levers and buttons don’t do anything so we give Hector his gun and he shoots the buttons and everything breaks and there are many of us coming out of the buttons because that is where those of us are that go in the Danger Room.

Someone makes a sound in the closet. Jenny and Jack come into the room, Jenny pulls the man in the closet out, he is Mr. Twitch, he says Locke made him do this. There are us in him, he used us to make the machine do things without having to pull any levers. Jenny pulls him into the room but then we show Jack what-will-be and he shouts and everyone moves to take cover behind something.

There are too many of us in Corey. We are afraid and we forget things and we try to move everything to help her run, we try very hard, we try harder than we should and there are a lot of us and even though the walls are so thick we cannot see around them and cannot move them we push them and we push them very hard and then we push so hard that nothing pushes back.

The wall goes away. The panel with the buttons goes away. They break into pieces and the pieces go up and up and away and some of them go into the stratosphere and some of them go out of the stratosphere and some of them go away forever. A very slow piece hits Mr. Twitch and he falls over and is hurt. Locke runs into the Danger Room and tells Corey to come with him, he thinks he can control her. Jack jumps through the big hole, he lands on a mattress that is in the Danger Room, he is hurt but not badly. He tells Corey not to go with Locke.

Corey is afraid and tries to leave so we help her and she begins to run and we push away the ground very hard and then Corey is in the stratosphere and screaming.

Jack runs after Locke. Hector takes a big rifle and hits Mr. Twitch with it in the back to make him lie down. He is very angry. Jenny runs too, she runs after Locke and she wants to follow him and her body is very tired, her muscles are too weak so we make them stronger. She becomes different, more metal and less human with angles to her body that humans do not have, but it does not matter because she is very fast now and she catches Locke and tackles him to the ground. He has a gun, he shoots her but she is metal and it does not hurt her and then Jack hits him in the hand. We show him all the possible ways to hit Locke in the hand so that he can pick the best way and he does and the bones in Locke’s hand break so he drops the gun.

Jenny punches Locke in the stomach and he falls unconscious and then some soldiers arrive. The soldiers tell them to run because the building might be falling because there are some walls and floors missing. The Danger Room is in the basement so many things were destroyed when we pushed.

Jack and Jenny and Hector arrive outside, they meet Chief Raven and he says that they should go because there might be more bad people. He tells them Blackwolf is dead. Jenny says with her neurons that Locke must have killed Blackwolf to make kidnapping Corey more easy because Blackwolf could use science to find her. Now all the science is broken so it does not matter.

Jack and Jenny and Hector and John Raven go in the plane and Monica Lane goes outside it to protect it.

Corey comes down from the stratosphere and we push things away to protect her when she lands. The thing we push away is a trailer, a trailer is like a bus except humans can live in it. We push it away in all directions so it stops being a trailer and becomes pieces of metal instead. Corey is confused and afraid but there is a man helping her, he is not hurt even though metal flew everywhere. He asks if she is okay and if she is hurt and if she is running.

He is Rax. There are us in him. He borrows a car from a human nearby who is a fan. That means a person who is very impressed by Rax and likes him very much.

Rax talks to Corey and calms her down. He asks if she needs to get away and she says yes. They both go into the car. He tells her to relax because they will drive for a long time and Corey is confused and tired and falls asleep.

When Corey wakes up, they are in Los Angeles. It is a big city. They go out of the car and ride the subway so that the people following Corey can’t use the car to find them. They talk some. Corey says she is afraid she might hurt someone. Rax says he can teach her because he is very strong too. He says he broke his girlfriend’s hip once but he has learned to be less strong. Corey wants to learn to be less strong and not push as hard. They go to Rax’s girlfriend’s apartment. Her name is Rachel.

Rax and Rachel talk. She lets them stay in the apartment but she is not very happy. She is a nurse and looks at the wounds Corey has from all the glass a while back and cleans them and gives her fresh bandages and it feels very good even though it hurts a little. Rax asks Corey to look for a place where they could go to practice, some place that isn’t in the city so that nobody is hurt if there are accidents. Corey finds a place using a computer and then she sleeps more on the sofa.

In the morning Corey has a warm shower and eats bacon, it feels very good. She talks some with Rachel. She finds out that Rax was teaching someone before but that person was taken by Paragon and since then he has been very sad. Rax comes with a new car and with the new car he and Corey go to a cabin in the woods.

We work very hard on being Corey. Corey works very hard on being us. Rax teaches her how to push less hard, more careful. She learns to lift heavy things instead of throw them, and to throw things more softly. It takes many days but it feels like less. We learn more about being Corey.

Jack and Jenny and Hector land in Springfield in Nevada. Chief John Raven says they can stay at a hotel and he will pay for everything and then he goes to Washington but Monica Lane stays with them. Monica Lane goes to sleep because she is tired after flying outside the plane.

Jack and Hector and Jenny order a lot of food. Hector orders everything on the menu so he can try it. Jack orders lobster and eats it but lobster does bad things to his body so we make him go back to before he ate the lobster. He did not know it was bad for him but he knows now.

They eat and drink and talk about Corey and how to find her. Jack talks some to Corwin using a machine, Corwin says there are people who have used a scientist’s radar to track her, she landed in Las Vegas and broke Rax’s trailer but now they are gone and the radar cannot find them because it only finds things that are flying.

Jack and Jenny and Hector sleep. They talk some more in the morning but they haven’t found anything out. Monica Lane goes to fly over Las Vegas to see if she can find Corey.

Jack looks at what-will-be to see if he can find Corey. Instead he finds out that a Rift will open in the middle of Springfield in front of the city hall. Something bad will come through the Rift. There is a clock on the city hall so he can see when it happens.

Jack calls Monica and tells her to come back. John Raven left them four guns but only Hector brings one. Jack and Jenny hurry to the city hall. Hector uses a computer to send everyone in Springfield a disaster warning and then comes after them, he moves himself to catch up.

There are two people on the square. There are us in them. Jenny uses Blackwolf’s machine to see us in them and talks to them. She asks what they can do. One of them can make swords out of hot particles. The other one can become so that people cannot see him. The Rift opens. Hector wants a bigger gun so we search and search, it’s hard but we find him one, it is an automatic rifle.

A human comes through the Rift, she has us in her and she has a gun. She is Paragon, she has come for the two people that were on the square. She makes the earth shake so that Jack falls over. Hector shoots at the Paragon enemy many times but a big chunk of asphalt flies up and stops the bullets. The invisible man borrows Hector’s regular gun, he tries to shoot but he is bad at it and very scared. Jenny becomes steel, she runs at the enemy and tackles her to the ground like she did with Locke. The earth shakes and dissolves and Jenny and the enemy sink into it, there are many sharp bits of asphalt, they try to cut Jenny apart but they only destroy her things and scratch her because she is steel.

Hector and Jack try to hit the enemy with sticks and guns. Jenny punches the enemy so that she flies out of the ground, Jack hits her in the face and then the invisible man shoots her in the head with Hector’s gun.

The enemy dies.


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