Dramatis Personae

This is a list of NPCs, made to be more comprehensive than the full character listing.

The United Tribes Army – Humans

General Henry Bull, Octagon representant. Hot-headed big bald man.
General Graham Sky, Nevada base command.
Corporal Jacob Rivers, Nevada base special ops.
Doctor Hannah Ettinger, Omega medical expert and neuroscientist.
Doctor Logan Blackwolf, Omega particle physicist and Rift expert. Deceased.

The United Tribes Army – Omegas

Major Monica Lane, former policewoman, light- and gravity-based powers.
Major Kurt Klein, former German accountant, super speed.
Commander Trevor Locke, British intelligence officer with hormone scanning and manipulation.
“Mr. Twitch”, British spy with the ability to control electronics.

United Tribes Civilians – Humans

Chief John Raven, Chief of Nevada with a seat in the Gathering of Tribes.
Janine, proficient Irish hacker, sister to Corwin.
Pete Scarbrother, conspiracy theorist and amateur photographer.
The Rift Society, a group aiming to uncover “the truth” about other worlds.
Rachel, Raxx’s girlfriend, red-haired woman in her 40s.

United Tribes Civilians – Omegas

Rocky Starr, a famous Omega hero with sonic powers.
Vanilla Ice, washed-up rapper turned superhero.
Raxx, Omega performance artist with super strength.
Corwin, Irish dwarf with animal transformation abilities.
“Sith Girl”, feminist with lightsaber hands.
“Invisible Bro”, frat bro who turns invisible.


Inferno, a burning terrorist with the ability to create intense fire.
Quake, an earthquake-inducing woman with an SMG. Deceased.

Dramatis Personae

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