Power Descriptions


Major Power: Force Blasts. Corey can send directed or undirected force blasts. The Force Blasts are a Weapon equal to (half Corey’s Class, round up). At a range, it’s aimed with Dexterity+Athletics; up close it adds to any Strength + Brawl or Weaponry attacks she makes (but doesn’t stack with other weapons). The force blasts deal lethal damage up close, but Corey can spend a Willpower point to unlock “softer” blasts that deal bashing damage for one scene. Ranged force blasts deal bashing damage, unless Corey uses a projectile or throws the opponent into something sharp.
Humans hit by the force blast are automatically knocked prone. Omegas may roll (Lowest of Wits or Dexterity plus Athletics), penalized by Corey’s Class, to keep their footing.
When used outside of combat, the force blasts add Corey’s Class to her effective Strength score.
Medium Power: Super-Jumping. Corey jumps 10 yards up or 40 yards ahead per success on a Strength+Athletics roll; by default 20 yards up and 80 yards ahead.
Mutant Defense: Corey’s Mutant Defense is an undirected force blast, repelling anything that comes near her.


Major Power: Super-kleptomania. Hector can teleport things into his hands. The process is almost instant and accompanied by a flash of blue light. Unattended objects that Hector can see or otherwise sense require no Willpower and no roll. Objects that are actively being used by another Omega require a Willpower expenditure and an opposed roll of Resolve+Class versus the other person’s (Wits or Resolve) plus Class. Objects that Hector can’t see require a Willpower expenditure and a roll of Intelligence+Resolve to mentally locate, with a penalty ranging from -1 (the item is on the other side of a wall, but you know roughly where) to -5 (the item is very far away). Objects that Hector is familiar with and have handled before require no Willpower expenditure, and the roll to locate them is made at +3 (or automatically successful if it fits the story).
Medium Power: Teleportation. Hector can teleport to any location he can clearly see, or any unseen location within a couple of meters. The process takes a little less than a second and is accompanied by a blue glow that turns him transparent for a moment.
Mutant Defense: Hector’s Mutant Defense is an instant teleportation, which cancels his current momentum.
Minor Power: Hector can see Omega particles, their exact frequency manifesting as different colors.


Major Power: Time Sense. Jack can look forwards and backwards in time. As a passive effect he adds his Class to Defense, Initiative, and all rolls made to be reactive (such as catching something thrown at him). He never loses his Defense due to being unaware. He also has small post- and precognitive flashes, allowing him access to information like an object’s previous owner or what someone will say next. For 1WP he can look back or forward in time with greater precision, allowing him to see some past moment of a location, object or person with perfect clarity unfold as a scene before him – or the details of a possible future. Peering far into the future gives no guarantee that he sees what will actually unfold, however.
Medium Power: Time Rewinding. Jack can rewind time by a few seconds (normally just 1 round) by spending a Willpower point. In non-stressful situations, when it’s purely for fluff reasons, the willpower cost is sometimes waived. He can occasionally rewind time further than just a few seconds – either at the GM’s discretion or when using his “Timey Wimey” Unlockable.
Mutant Defense: Jack’s Mutant Defense consists of rewinding time when he is harmed, and avoiding it.
Minor Power: Precise Aim. Jack reduces penalties to aim for a specific target by 2.


Major Power: Transubstantiation. Jenny can turn her body into other materials by touching them. Metallic forms add her Class as Armor, stone and similar forms add (Class-1), wood and other slightly tough materials add (Class-2). Jenny can spend 1 WP to transform into something from memory, without needing to touch it. Furthermore, Jenny can become semi-liquid by copying a liquid, making her amorphous and capable of fitting through small cracks. If she becomes fully liquid or gas, however, she loses control of her body and becomes helpless until she manages to re-form. Transforming from a solid or semi-liquid back to human is free and virtually instant, transforming back from gas or liquid costs 1WP and is time-consuming.
Medium Power: Self-Healing. Jenny can repair her body by absorbing materials, transubstantiating them into flesh and blood. By spending 1WP and absorbing some type of material, Jenny heals up to 3 points of lethal or bashing damage. She can also spend 1WP to purge her body of toxins and diseases, should it become relevant, and she resets to her exact age at June 1, 2014, every time she transforms.
?Mutant Defense:? The exact details of Jenny’s Mutant Defense are so far unknown.

Power Descriptions

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