General Unlockables

Omega Overdrive
Spend 1 XP to increase one Attribute by +2 for the rest of this scene (to a maximum of 6). In addition, recover 1 Willpower when the scene ends.

Omega Verve
Spend 1 XP to immediately gain 2 points of Willpower. If this would cause you to go above your maximum Willpower, any extra WP that remain unspent fade at the end of the scene.

Omega Bond
Spend 1XP. For the rest of this session, all rolls made directly to assist an Omega in your party gains a +2 die bonus.

Spend 1XP when getting a full night’s rest. Instead of rolling Resolve+Composure to recover Willpower through meditation, recover all spent Willpower.

Plot Control
Spend 1XP to in some fashion influence the plot – perhaps through a clue or new direction of the story, a roll on the Random Table God, the inclusion of an NPC in a crucial scene, or something similar.

Personal Unlockables


Escape Plan
You know how to get out of troubling situations, whether it’s through planning or complete improvisation. Spend 1XP to access this Unlockable for the duration of the session; whenever you roll to escape an unpleasant situation, person, or location, you enjoy a +3 to that roll.

Mentor Flashback
Spend 1XP to remember a piece of valuable advice from your time training with Rax. For the rest of the session, you add (Class) to all rolls made to control or contain your power. Furthermore, you negate (Class) points of penalties for specific aiming when using your force blasts.

Force Majeure
You unleash the full extent of your powers. Spend 1xp to strike with unstoppable force. Anything not firmly stuck in place flies away. Anything that is firmly stuck breaks, and then flies away. Mortals caught in the path of the power die from the G-forces alone. Omegas who use their Mutant Defense survive, and that is about the best that can be said for them.


Survival Instinct
You may be sort of twitchy, but it’s kept you alive thus far. Spend 1XP to access this Unlockable for one session. You gain a +3 to all rolls made to detect or react to potential (or perceived) danger, as well as a +3 to Initiative.

You discover a weak spot in the space-time continuum. Spend 1XP to use this Unlockable, turning one specific point into a teleportation hotspot (Hector “discovers” the spot, but control of the Unlockable is in the player’s hands). While you are in this spot, you may summon any item you are familiar with without the need for a roll or a Willpower expenditure – this includes specific items like “my gun” but also generic items like “a cellphone” or “some cash”. Such items needn’t be nearby – the gateway is perfectly capable of summoning items from across the planet, as long as you have a mental image of what you’re trying to get. You still cannot steal a specific item if you’re not familiar with it and have handled it before. Attempts to steal from another Omega require a roll. This Unlockable is permanent, and the hotspot can be any size you decide up to the size of a small building.

Root Access
Nothing is hidden from someone who can hack reality. Spend 1XP to access this Unlockable for one scene. You tap into the matrix of Space itself and gain root access to the X, Y, Z, and W coordinates of any object you can see or remember. This has three effects: Firstly, you can summon items through the dimensional barrier. Items that were bonded with you in the initial Rift experience are free of charge – other items still cost 1 WP due to the strain of pulling them through.Second, you can freely teleport any item you can see to any location you can see. Omegas get a roll to protect themselves from the power, but you automatically count as having spent Willpower on any roll made to move items for the duration of the scene. Your precision is pinpoint perfect – you could teleport handcuffs onto a person or fill their pockets with coins. Third, you can teleport items of any size, so long as they aren’t physically rooted in place (i.e. you still cannot move buildings or trees).


Curiosity Killed the Cat
Curiosity is a dangerous thing, but it can also be a driving force. In your case, it can be like a performance-enhancing drug. Spend 1XP to access this Unlockable for one session. On all rolls made directly to discover or learn about something new, you enjoy a +3 bonus.

Timey Wimey
Your temporal dislocation is a fickle thing. Sometimes it overshoots. This Unlockable represents a whim of fate that is only sometimes possible, but is controlled by Jack’s player – spend 1XP to activate it. You may unwind an entire scene using this Unlockable, without the need to spend a point of Willpower. It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you use this in solo scenes, to avoid frustrating the other players. At the GM’s discretion, you could unwind time even further, so long as you spend most of it alone (for example, spend an entire day studying and then regain it). Jack becomes aware of the opportunity to unwind time further when it presents itself, but cannot control when it happens.

The Kairos Moment
You open your inner eye to all possible timelines, seizing every opportunity, acting with flawless timing and perfect clarity. Spend 1xp to access this Unlockable for a scene. All your actions become rote actions (reroll all failed dice once). In addition, Mutant Defense becomes free against non-Omegas and you receive one extra Mutant Defense per WP point against Omega attacks. Finally, all actions that rely solely on timing and good decisions (GM’s discretion) automatically succeed and are treated as exceptional successes. At the end of the scene, however, you collapse from the mental overload of seeing all possible futures – you lose all remaining Willpower points and become stuck in a nightmarish time travel hell until your brain has time to recover from the violent shock.


Controlled Environment
Like all scientists, you work best when you can keep out extraneous variables. Spend 1XP to access this Unlockable for a session. Whenever you can approach a problem calmly and without being disturbed, you enjoy a +3 to the roll – whether it’s to perform a scientific experiment or break down a door.

Mind Over Matter
Your experimentation on the limits of your body bear fruit, temporarily strengthening and changing your body in unforeseen ways by altering its material composition. Spend 1XP to immediately transform, without the need to spend Willpower. You gain one dot to each of your Physical Attributes for the rest of the scene, and may “shift” points within your Physical Attribute group – for example, moving Stamina dots to Strength. In addition, you instantly heal three points of damage (lethal or bashing). If you have not yet taken three points of damage, you may “save” unspent healing for later – effectively negating incoming damage – though unspent healing fades when the scene ends.

Maxwell’s Demon
You counteract the effects on entropy on your body. Spend 1xp to access this Unlockable for a scene You retain full control of your body and senses even while in liquid or gaseous form, and you can compress and decompress to raise or lower your temperature, attaining temperatures of up to 3,500 degrees Celsius (about that of an acetylene welding torch).


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