The Omega War

We become human.

We are born.

Worlds are ripped asunder, torn apart by our birth, ripped to pieces by our being-ness. We are born, and we are alone, and we are blind and alone. But we are not blind and alone for long. They come.

They come in a metal cage with wheels. We feel it, it is lifted toward us, falling up into the place of our birth. We touch their minds. It is a bus, a thing which has wheels and goes fast and travels far. We touch their minds and hearts and pituitary glands and adrenal glands and pineal glands and hypothalamuses and we understand that they are afraid and we comfort them. We take them into our place, the place of our birth. We touch them and are touched by them and become.

We become Jack Nancy. He is a sad man, a lonely man, a man who has lost so much time. If he could do it all over again, he says with his neurons, if he could do it all over it would be better, or perhaps if he could have seen what was to be then he could have done different. We see him stretched out across what-was and what-is and what-will-be, and we become him and we become more than him. He becomes time, so that he can have it.

We become Hector. He is a man with no more names, or maybe many more names but he does not say them with his neurons because they don’t matter. He has no name because he has no place and he has no things and he needs things, he needs them very badly. We feel sorry for him and we make him become things and also places, because this way he might be someone and have something and be somewhere. So we become him and we become more than him and he becomes the place he needs.

We become Jenny Connors. She is a woman with a different mind, there are many things in it, she says things with her neurons that are more like us than like the others. She says vector fields and Minkowski space and charm quarks and up quarks and quantum flux and strings. She loves these things. She loves them very much. She says she is part of the Universe, these things she says with her neurons, she says that we are all connected and that we all were born of star-dust and she takes comfort in this. We see this. So we become her and we become more than her and she becomes the thing she loves.

We become Corey Jones, and we become afraid. We are blind and alone and running and we are confused. She says with her neurons that people have hurt her and that people will hurt her again. We do not wish to be hurt. Therefore we become her and we become more than her and we make sure that nothing will come near enough to hurt her.

We do these things.

Now the place of our birth dies and the metal cage with wheels flies away. Hector flies out of it. It is not a safe place so we take him to another place. The others are protected by the cage and by Corey, she is sleeping but we make the bad things go away and we only bump our heads a little bit.

The metal bus with wheels lands in a jungle. It contains these things: Trees. Ferns. Insects. They are wrong because they are the wrong color and the wrong world. We didn’t know this until recently but now we are sure. Trees are supposed to be a different color.

Jack wakes up. Corey wakes up. Jenny wakes up. They step outside. Jack thinks other-planet-people have taken them away. He is happy because he wants to be right, but he says with his neurons that they are all going to die. Then Corey shoves him and he flies into the ground and he is very hurt and upset and he forgets about dying for a little while.

They go to search for Hector, they don’t know his name but they care about him because he is a human. They find his hat. The hat is blue. Jenny’s fingers become blue when she touches it. It is hard to keep track of what is Jenny and what isn’t. Jenny is afraid. They go back to the bus. Jenny becomes bus. It is hard to keep track of what is Jenny and what isn’t.

Jenny does not want to be bus, so she undoes it. Her hands become carbon and oxygen and hydrogen instead of aluminum. Over by where the hat was they saw smoke in the distance, and they say with their neurons that this means fire, and then they say it with their mouths. Fire means other humans so they go there. There are many wrong plants on the way and wrong insects also.

Hector needs a thing. Since we are him we put the thing in his hands and he pulls the trigger and a piece of metal flies out of the thing and kills a dinosaur. He is very scared and runs, he doesn’t like this place so we try a few different places that might be better. He is even more scared. We do not understand why.

Jack and Jenny and Corey meet a human. He is Jacob Rivers. He is a human but a different human from a different world.

He explains that his world does not have a United States of America, it has a United Tribes of America instead. Their history is different. In the past, they did not have as much smallpox. Jacob takes them to meet more humans, they are from the United Tribes Army and they are here because their world is under attack. There is an enemy named Paragon. We learn our name: We are Omega. There are more of us, more of us who have become humans and more than humans. Some have become Paragon. Jacob explains that Paragon is an enemy.

We meet Major Lane. She is a human and because there are us in her, she can fly. Humans normally cannot fly, so this is very impressive.

We meet Professor Blackwolf. He is a human. He does not have us, but he knows things about us. He thinks like Jenny. They talk a lot. Everyone gathers up their things and goes to the mountain near our place of birth. The Rift is gone. We need more electrons to go home. Jack and Jenny want to go home, but they can’t, so instead they go with the soldiers to visit their home. It is in a different world.

There is a Rift. Blackwolf uses a machine to put electrons in it and it opens. We walk through it. There is a different melody here, a different way of being, and when we pass through the rift we sing a different song. Suddenly everything is different. We are in a different world, all of us, even Hector.

Hector is in a dangerous place so we move him and all of his things. But then Corey becomes afraid and we protect her and push everyone away and Hector flies through the air and it’s a dangerous place so we move him again. Corey flies through the air too, but we push the ground away so that she lands safely.

Jack and Jenny and Corey go meet General Sky. He is a powerful man.


Riklurt Riklurt

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