The Omega War

We meet more of us but become stuck in a room.

We wake up. Jack and Jenny and Hector talk a lot. Corey feels very bad and does not want to talk. They decide to go back to the United Tribes because there might be bad things here and they might die.

They go to the Rift with another taxi. Corey is still very hurt and tired. Hector crawls through it and our song changes, but this time everyone is close, it is easy and not painful. The world is soft and we make the Rift just big enough for everyone to fit so that their things can come as well.

There are many cars in the small Las Vegas. There is a wrestler in town, his name is Rax, he is very famous. Because there are us in him, he can throw cars. This is very impressive. He is not throwing these cars, they are full of people who have come to see him throw monster trucks. A monster truck is also a kind of car. There are very many kinds of car.

Jenny uses a machine to talk to Blackwolf, but she does not talk to Blackwolf, she talks to Locke instead because he has the other machine. Locke promises to send soldiers to help get Corey to a doctor. Jenny and Corey go back to the base with Jacob Rivers. Jack and Hector stay to see Rax throw monster trucks because they do not want to go back to the base.

Jack spots a person who is spying on the soldiers. He talks to him. His name is Pete Scarbrother, he is like Jack, he believes the government is lying about many things, like what other worlds are like. Jack accidentally reveals that he and Hector are from a different world. Pete is very excited and asks them to come with him to Winnemucca, it is a big city far away from Las Vegas. They go see Rax throw cars and then go in Scarbrothers car, he drives them very far away from Jenny and Corey.

Corey is treated by Doctor Ettinger and her bandages are replaced. She is very badly hurt but it will heal. Jenny wants to see Blackwolf but she can’t because he is under arrest somewhere. Corey goes to speak with Locke and the us in Locke do things to her, he makes her body do strange things, she loses control and becomes like she is when the chemicals are in her. She breaks a wall. Locke says she will have to be locked up because of this and so will Jenny because Bull said so. Jenny and Corey both say with their neurons that he has tricked them, that he wants them stuck for some reason. The only safe place to keep them is the Danger Room. They are put there. We cannot feel the outside of the Danger Room. It is made to keep us inside.

Hector and Jack meet Corwin. He is the leader of a group of people like Pete. They are called the Rift Society. Corwin is very short because of how his genes are put together. He has Omega in him, he can change his body to be more like an animal. His sister is named Janine, she is good with computers. Hector likes her. She teaches him about computers in this world and how they are different. He learns very quickly.

Jack talks to the people at the Rift Society and learns to fight with a stick. He thinks this might be necessary.

Hector uses his computer to look at the things in the army base where Jenny and Corey are. He can read all the files because he is very good at using computers. Janine has helped him but it has taken all night. He finds out that Jenny and Corey are locked up. He finds out that Chief John Raven will speak with them and might let them out. Jack and Hector talk to each other, they will go meet him when he arrives.

They borrow a car.


Riklurt Riklurt

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