The Omega War

We go home and die but then don't.

We rest and try to feel better. For a little while nothing happens.

Professor Blackwolf comes to speak with Jack and Hector. He says that he has found a way for them to go home but that General Bull might not want them to go home yet. He also says that Locke might do bad things to them, that he might use his powers to make them feel pain if they use guns more. Hector and Jack are scared. Professor Blackwolf says he can help them sneak out of the base.

Jenny and Corey are in a different room because they have different bodies. Jack uses a machine to send them a message. Jenny and Corey do not want to leave. Professor Blackwolf has explained that the Rifts make all of us change our song, all of us that were born at the same place. When we change our song we go to a different world. Therefore Jenny and Corey can’t stay if Jack and Hector go home.

Jack and Hector say they will go to where the Rift is. If something bad happens, they will go home and Jenny and Corey will come with them. The Rift is in Las Vegas. In the world that is home, Las Vegas is very big. In this world, it is very small.

Jack and Hector leave using a car. A car is like a bus only smaller. It takes them to Las Vegas. Hector needs money so we help him get some, it is a little hard to find but there is some inside a safe in a building so we move Hector inside the building and the money outside the safe. They use the money to buy food and coffee, because they need food and coffee to live and feel good.

The Rift is in a bathroom. Jack uses a thing that Blackwolf gave him to find it. Jack waits nearby it. It needs electrons to open.

Bull is angry because Jack and Hector are missing. He talks to Corey and Jenny. They learn that Locke is allowed to hurt them if they do anything that Bull does not like. Corey promises that they won’t. She tells them where Jack and Hector have gone but says that they haven’t done anything bad either. Bull believes her but he says he will send Major Klein to make sure.

Jenny goes to speak with Professor Blackwolf to learn more about us. Professor Blackwolf says that if we change our song when we are far from a Rift, it is much harder and much less safe. Jenny is worried about this.

Corey goes to her room to put chemicals inside her body. They damage her body but they make her feel good so we allow it.

Major Klein makes a big dust cloud appear when he runs to Las Vegas. Hector thinks that the dust cloud is made by soldiers, so he is frightened. He warns Jack. Jack makes a phone call to Blackwolf but Blackwolf does not understand his questions. Jack thinks Corey and Jenny are being hurt. They are not, but we can’t tell him this. Jack makes time go back to before the phone call, so that they will not have time to be hurt as much. Then he puts electrons in the Rift and crawls through it.

Our song changes.

Hector is near the Rift, so we can change without hurting him. We can even bring his things. We cannot do this for Corey and Jenny. Their atoms become different. It is painful. We lose track of them and ourselves and the world and know only the song because we must sing it to exist.

We are too late to protect Corey. We are blind and afraid and try to move everything near her, so that it will not be inside her because if things are inside her we cannot fix it. We move it too quickly. Things explode. Sharp glass flies everywhere. She has no things to protect her, no clothes or backpack; the glass cuts into her skin. It hurts. She is bleeding. The door is on fire but she opens it, we want to move it away but we don’t and her hand is badly burned. She runs outside, water comes from the ceiling, she is in a chemistry building, it is a building full of dangerous things. She sees stairs and runs down but then the pain becomes too much and her body gives up and we can’t move her, not without hurting her, she is gone.

Things are better with Jenny, there is water where she is. We want to make her into water but she will not let us. The water is not clean; it is full of things from inside other humans. She does not want to be these things. She becomes iron instead, there is iron in the wall. The water is in a tunnel under the city. It is a sewer. There is some air. We supply Jenny oxygen from her rusty skin; it has bonded with the iron so we can carry it inside her.

Things become confusing. Days pass. There are black helicopters. Jack finds the others. He goes to the government, he tells them about us, about what we can do. The government betrays him. Jenny is caught, they make her become things, they hurt her, we can’t stop them, we lose track of what is Jenny and what isn’t, we can’t find her. Hector tries to flee, we try to move him but there are too many bullets, we can’t stop them, it hurts and it hurts and suddenly we are not Hector any more. Corey does not go to the government but the policemen find her, they ask questions and she is scared so we make them go away but then there are more bullets and then we aren’t Corey either any more.

Jack becomes lost in time, they hurt him and we cannot stop it, sometimes we are Jack and sometimes we aren’t because his brain isn’t working or his heart isn’t working or his lungs aren’t working and Corey is gone and Hector is gone and Jenny is gone and we aren’t anyone, we are only Jack and not Jack and Jack and not Jack and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and


We are Jack and Jack is time. We are back at the Rift, just after we came through. We are Jack and Hector and Jenny and Corey. Jack knows now, he is hurting but only in his head because he remembers. The others do not. We know but cannot tell them. Jack will have to say things, make them realize.

He has to find them. He tells Hector where Corey is-was-will-be. Hector goes to a taxi (it is a kind of car), we want to move him but when we are Hector and Corey we sometimes forget that we are us. Hector rides in the taxi towards Corey. Jack rides in a different taxi towards Jenny. Corey is being moved into an ambulance (it is also a kind of car) so Hector comes with her but he does not point guns at the doctors this time even though he is worried.

Jenny and Jack meet where the sewer ends. Jack tells her to go to Angel Pines. Then he leaves because she cannot go in the taxi because she is covered in things from inside other humans. He gives her a coat to wear because she does not have any clothes or any other things.

Jenny tries to find Angel Pines. A man almost hurts her but she hurts him first and we do not need to protect her. She meets Hector at the motel that is Angel Pines, they have a room there that Jack has paid for. Jack is with Corey in the hospital, which is very near the house where Jenny and Hector are. Hector goes to find clothes and food and other things that Jenny will need. We help him. Jenny takes a shower to become clean and we help her by dissolving her skin a little so that all the things from inside other humans will fall off.

Hector brings clothes and food. Jenny puts on the clothes and drinks some water with sugar in it. She is very angry. Hector says things that make Jenny even angrier, she thinks Jack has hurt her, she does not understand why he went through the Rift. She becomes angry and warm and we become angry as well, and as Jenny becomes more angry she becomes more us and we are angry and we move and we turn Jenny into hot angry things. We become oxygen and hydrogen, we become heat and fire and we make Jenny into fire and the water with sugar in it boils and the clothes burn into ash and the room becomes hot and Hector is afraid and he runs and we move him.

Hector tells Jack that Jenny will kill him. Jack runs away from Corey and Hector hides in the closet nearby to keep an eye on her because he knows that Jenny is coming. Jenny calms down, she becomes less angry and we make her into wood and then into carbon and bone and muscle and skin and human. She puts on new clothes that are not ash and goes over to see Corey.

There is more Corey now, we feel her move and she is hurting and tired and her brain is very strange and full of strange things. Jenny comes to see her and they talk. There is a nurse, she says that the police are coming. We remember the police but we cannot tell her, Jack is not here to say things with his mouth, we are afraid but Corey is afraid too and she tries to escape. We try to help her but it’s hard, it is hard to be Corey right now and she is afraid and we become afraid and we forget what is real because Corey’s brain isn’t working and we push and Jenny isn’t in the room and we move and fall and save Jenny from being smashed into pieces and Corey from falling on the asphalt and Hector goes after her and takes her to the room at Angel Pines.

Hector understands that there are things in Corey’s body that do things to her brain. He takes her to the room, into the darkness, and turns on water, and Corey lies down and falls asleep again.

Jenny is flying. She is very afraid. She is in the stratosphere and there is not much oxygen but she is metal and was not hurt by being thrown. We don’t know if she can survive the landing so we make her entire body into aluminum. She bounces many times across the desert before she stops.

Jack looks at what-will-be and sees where Jenny will land. He goes to help her. Jenny is angry, she is very angry and almost hurts him, but she stops herself. Jack is hurting, he is not injured but his mind is very tired, he is feeling bad. Jenny sees it and goes with him in the car he found back to Angel Pines.

Jack explains. He says with his mouth what he has seen, that we have been not-Hector and not-Corey and maybe-not-Jenny and sometimes-not-Jack. The others believe him. They are tired. They do not know what to do.

So they sleep.


Riklurt Riklurt

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