The Omega War

We lose Jack and Jenny but find them.

Many things happen. We go to different places.

Jack looks at what-will-be. Hector is there. Therefore Jack goes to meet Hector, in the desert. Hector is scared, thirsty and hungry. Major Klein comes to greet them – Major Klein has us in him, and therefore he is very fast. Hector is frightened because Major Klein is faster than humans are supposed to be. We almost take Hector to a different place, but Jack calms him down.

Jack and Hector go back. They meet General Henry Bull, he is an angry man with a bald head. They meet Trevor Locke, who is a British man. Locke has Omega in him, he can change the chemicals in humans and he does a little bit in Jenny and it makes her feel bad, so we turn some testosterone into other things to be safe. Locke is supposed to make sure we don’t do anything bad.

There is a doctor, her name is Hannah Ettinger. She is supposed to make sure bad things haven’t happened to our bodies. They have not, but we can’t tell her. Jenny goes to the medical room with Jack and Locke because she is worried. We do not understand why. She lies down in a machine that looks at her body.

Jenny knows about up quarks and down quarks and strings. She knows that she is stardust and wants to know more. Jenny tries to become some things. It’s hard to keep track of what is Jenny and what isn’t. Jack looks at what-will-be to make sure that Jenny won’t be hurt. She won’t.

Therefore Jenny gets more brave. She tries to become water. It is strange to be water and we work hard to make sure she does not fall apart like water does. Then Jenny tries to become oxygen. We haven’t been oxygen before, it becomes much harder to keep track of what is Jenny and what isn’t, we lose track of it and we forget where we are and we forget that we are Jenny and think that we are oxygen. We think oxygen thoughts for a long time.

Major Lane teaches Corey and Hector how to use guns. Guns are things that make metal fly at humans or animals to kill them. Then she takes them to the Danger Room. It is a room that is very full of us. She says that if you step into the Danger Room there will be more of us and we will be stronger and more like us and less like humans. She says this can be good, to learn and be prepared. Hector is scared. He does not like it. He takes Corey and he runs to find Jack and Jenny but when he finds them Jenny has become oxygen already. Hector does not want to inhale Jenny. He does not understand that she is oxygen right now. He goes to another place.

Jack lies down in the machine that looks at his body. Corey talks to Locke. Locke changes some things inside Corey but we don’t want to throw them away because it might hurt so we don’t.

We become Jenny again. It is painful. First we become carbon and then we become bones and tendons and muscles and blood and neurons and skin. There is sand under the skin so we turn the sand into Jenny because it hurts very much.

Jenny does not have any things and the sun is very warm. We turn her skin into stone so that the sun will not burn her. She walks back to the others. She is upset. She wants to hit Jack, but she doesn’t. She is made of stone. He might be very hurt.

Everyone goes to the Danger Room. Major Lane says it will be good to know what we can do, so that we do not accidentally hurt ourselves. Hector argues. Jenny argues too. Jack says he will go in the Danger Room to see what we can do with him. He steps inside. A soldier pulls a lever and lets more of us out into the room. Jack gets more time. He gets all the time. We are very happy.

We can’t keep track of what time it is. Jack is in all of the futures. His neurons begin to die. Jack dies of a seizure seven million four hundred thousand eight hundred and thirty-three times. We make sure none of them happen.

Jenny says with her neurons that Jack has become a cat in a box. It is a metaphor. It does not mean he is actually a cat. She hits a big red button.

There are less of us.

Jack is carried to the machine that looks at his body. Hector is upset. He wants a gun so we give him one. He points it at the doctor. He wants her to save Jack’s life. He thinks the army people have hurt him. The doctor injects Jack with strong drugs that calm his neurons down. We have lost track of Jack because his brain is not working. He is somewhere in what-has-been.

Corey wants to get away. We push the ground and the base away from her so that she can get away faster. She is afraid. We push the ground away many times because she might hurt herself if she falls. She lands on a highway. There is a big thing that looks like a bus coming toward her, it is a trailer truck. We stop it. There is a human inside it who almost dies but Corey is safe so it does not matter. Jenny comes after her. They talk. Corey calms down. They go back to the army base.

Hector is crying. Corey is crying. Jenny is crying.

We finally find Jack. His brain is working again. We bring him back.


Riklurt Riklurt

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